3 Things to Do Before Hitching the Caravan to the Towing Vehicle

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Hitching the CaravanHitching the caravan to the towing vehicle may seem like an easy task, but one small mistake can lead to fatal accidents. Do you really want to risk your life and the lives of those travelling with you? Obviously not. Before hitching the caravan to the towing vehicle, make sure you do the following 3 things to ensure that caravan attaches perfectly.

Roll Up the Caravan Awning

This is the first thing that you need to do before hitching the caravan to the towing vehicle. Remember, you should never move the caravan with the awning extended out completely. If you have a motorized awning, then the work should be done with the flick of a switch. For manual awnings, you need to roll up the awning, remove the support arms, fix the support arms in place and check whether the rolled back awning fabric is properly in place.

Lift the Support Legs

The support legs will have to be lifted before the caravan is attached to the towing vehicle. For this, you need to use the crank lever and loosen the screws before lifting the legs and positioning them along the bottom surface of the caravan. Do this for all the 4 legs and make sure that they are intact before moving ahead. If you have used wooden blocks or levellers, then remove them and keep them in the storage compartment.

Disconnect the Hose

This is applicable when you are camping in a caravan park or other similar places having water outlets. A hose is used to connect the outlet with the caravan. Remove the hose carefully after closing the water supply at the outlet. Roll up the entire length of the hose and store in the caravan. Make sure that you have sufficient water in the storage tanks before moving out because the next water sources could be miles away.

With these 3 things taken care of, you can safely hitch the caravan to the towing vehicle. Before leaving in your caravan, check the place to see if something has been left behind. Do not litter the place with garbage and left overs. It will take just a few minutes to clean it. If it was given to you as a clean site, then you should ensure the same.

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