4 Amazing National Parks For Camping

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Camping in America has been a popular outdoor activity for ages. In fact, the founder of modern camping and the not-for-profit organization Camping and Caravanning Club, a Thomas Hiram Holding—British travelling tailor, developed the love for camping as a child, while he visited the United States with his parents.

So, America plays an important role in the backstory of camping. Since then we have been unendingly pursuing camping, that made the camping industry touch an annual revenue of $ 5.8 billion in 2015 and is one of the most loved outdoor activity of Americans.

There are numerous camping places and RV parks in the US, but nothing is more enthralling than camping in the National Parks. Here are 4 amazing National Parks you could plan your next camping trip.


Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

The black Canyon proves the name by the fact that some parts of the ravines just receive 33 minutes of sunlight throughout the day. Located in the state of Colorado, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison would give you both; the rocky terrain and the flowing water of the Gunnison River. The national park is spread across more than 30 thousand acres but what makes it useful for your camping lust is the Blue Mesa Point. The Blue Mesa Point in the east is developed for camping and there are several campgrounds. Apart from the Blue Mesa Point, there are 2 small campgrounds on both, the North and the South Rim.


Joshua Tree National Park

Not more than twenty-three years back the area was declared a national park by the US Congress. Marked by the extensive presence of Joshua trees, the national park is a part of the wild west Mojave desert and the Colorado desert. The national park is a binding site for the geological wonders. The Californian splendour is near to Los Angeles and San Diego and farthest from San Francisco, San Jose and the capital Sacramento. Camping is a delight here, with 9 campgrounds, one-third of which are provide flush toilets and water. You need to make reservations for 2 campgrounds; Black Rock and Indian Cove from mid-Autumn to the end of Spring.


Everglades National Park

Coming right from the west coast to the east coast—Florida, on the southern tip of which is the World Heritage Site and the largest subtropical wilderness of America—The Everglades National Park. The national park was established way back in 1947, it preserves the biological diversity of the Everglades ecosystem. Everglades is home to more than 30 threatened species and supports a huge number of other species of birds, birds, reptiles, fishes etc. Camping in the Everglades National Park is all around the year Camping is available year-round in Everglades National Park. Frontcountry camping is available here with 108 sites. There are over 200 campsites near Flamingo Visitor Center. Even Backcountry camping is allowed but with permits.


Olympic National Park

Seems like covering four corners of the country. Olympic National Park is situated at the top left corner of the top left state—Washington. Another World Heritage Site, the national park is surrounded by water on the two side; the strait of Juan de Fuca to the north (which has Canada on the other coast) and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The park has three different ecosystems are spread across four regions. There are amazing camping options here, with lush forests which have diverse flora around like- Altair, Deer Park, Elwha, Fairholme, Graves Creek, Hoh and many

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