4 Amazing Spring Destinations For RVing in the American Southwest

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Spring has already arrived and once again we are seeing our surroundings warming up, blossoming and a new floral life being born. Spring is quite symbolic, as it brings back the life to everything.


After the chilling, mild and barren winter it is time once again to hit the road with your RV—yes, the best thing about Spring is outdoors.


This spring considers something else from the usual RV and camping parks. And that could be—RVing in a National Park. RVing in the National Parks are one the of best spring break trip ideas, which have its own excitement. Here are 4 National Parks as your spring break destinations this spring in southwestern America.


Redwood National & State Parks (CA)

Redwood National & State Parks

On the western coast of the country in the state of California, abutting the Pacific on one side is the Redwood National & State Parks. The park is the home to the world’s tallest tree species—Redwood. You are looking forward to camp on the park service run campgrounds, you would have to quit the idea of a camping with hookups. The state-run parks do not provide services like electric, gas and water. Although there are other resorts in the area that can keep you hooked up. With the adjoining coastline, you could camp on the beach too, instead of in the forest. The combination of forest and coastline makes the Redwood National & State Parks one of the best places to go for spring break.


Yosemite National Park (CA)

Yosemite National Park

Another great national park in California is the Yosemite National Park in the mountain range of Sierra Nevada. Yosemite is a World Heritage Site since 1984. About 4 million people visit Yosemite every year. Camping in Yosemite gives you  2 options; inside the park boundaries and outside of it. Once again there are no utility hookups inside the park boundaries, that means it is meant for dry camping. Outside the park boundaries, you could get good options with all kinds of hookups.


Grand Canyon National Park (AZ)

Grand Canyon National Park


To the southeast of California is Arizona which is home to the National Park which has the second highest number of visitors—Grand Canyon. The main feature of the park is the gorge (Grand Canyon) created by the Colorado River. It is one of the most popular destinations for RVers from the north. The park has dry camping sites on the South Rim of the park and if you are looking for hookups, you could find them inside the national park. It has utility hookups like electric, water, sewer, TV with laundry, shower and dump facilities as well.


Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve (CO)

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve

To the east of Arizona is one of the two perfect rectangular states—Colorado. The Centennial State has the only region which has sand dunes as huge as 750 feet and that is the Great Sand Dunes, National Park. You could pursue a myriad of activities in the National Park like- sandboarding, camping, hiking, backpacking etc. There are plenty of campgrounds options available in the park like- Oasis Campgrounds, Pinyon Flats Campgrounds, Zapata Falls Campground etc.



We hope now you would surely plan an RVing trip this Spring to one of the Nationals Parks to get an exclusive experience of camping, (be it dry camping or be it camping with hookups) in National Parks.

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