4 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Vintage Trailer

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There can be any reason if you are planning to buy a vintage trailer, right from budget to a peculiar knack for vintage RVs. Whatever might be the reason for buying a vintage RV/trailer, believe us, it saves money and all you have to spend in lieu of it is time. Here is a mini buying guide for a vintage trailer that would help you in considering your pick.

Vintage Trailer


1. Renovation Scope- Remember, a vintage trailer is vintage and expecting it to be spic and span is expecting too much. There would be vintage trailer renovations required and the scope of renovation would depend on the how well it was kept by its previous owner. Have a thorough look at it, look for things as major as electrical systems, water damages, leaks, water lines, axles, floors, tires, body condition to as minor as water pumps, toilets, showers, sinks, windows. You might be buying it for less but you have set aside a budget to spend it on the renovation. Consider the renovation cost over your budget. Vintage trailers are very well suited for winters. You might have to get it insulated.

2. Campground Rules- If you are a camper who prefers camping at specific campgrounds, you might have to think about the size of the vintage trailer you are buying. There are campgrounds which have restrictions on vintage RVs in terms of length of the trailer. Check with your regular campgrounds if they have such rules.

3. DIY Handyman- A vintage trailer might need more work than a new RV. These are trivial issues that require a handyman’s attention as well as his skills. If you have reasonably good handyman skills, you could save on the repair and maintenance expenses.

4. Don’t Rush- If you have a knack for vintage trailers, your enthusiasm to buy one could be understood, but don’t let this eagerness drive you solely. Consider the amount of work and money that you would spend on buying and renovating the trailer. If not sure, ask questions and gather as much information as you can from the previous owner.

We hope these pointers would guide you in making an informed decision on buying a vintage trailer. Check out a great range of awnings for the vintage trailer you are considering this fall or for your current trailer as well at www.xtendoutdoors.com.

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