4 Tips to RVing in a Music Fest

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Music fests are amazingly entertaining, with all those blues, classical, jazz, folk that has an absolutely distinct influence when played live. Be it Coachella, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch or any other music fest, with those Woodstock-like locations it just becomes more exciting. The groovy music and the open fields have a charm unmatchable. Such a social event naturally makes the occasion fit for RVing.

Rv Music Festival


Yes, if you are thinking of camping or RVing to the next music festival near you in 2018, just plan it out. But before you do that read the following RVing tips so that you don’t lose the joy of Music.


  1. Pack thoroughly- No matter if its a music fest, you are also going on a camping trip. You plan to stay for the duration of the music fest and so you need to have everything that is required for your daily needs. Prepare yourself for seasonal atrocities like heat in summers, a downpour in the wet season, thick clothes for winters to name a few. Pack general things like a flashlight, sleeping bags, tent accessories, awnings, meds, food etc.


  1. Arrive Early- It won’t be an exaggeration to call music fests a crowd. The overwhelming gathering could get on your nerves especially when you cannot find a spot for parking. The best way to deal with this problem is to arrive early to the music fest. Music festivals typically work on first come first serve for allocating parking spots for RVs and campers. To get the prime spot, arrive at the earliest.


  1. Adhere to forbiddance- There is always a standard that has to be followed by the guests of any and every event. You are forbidden to carry along certain things to a music fest and you should adhere to it. Read the whole information thoroughly and to understand what shall not be carried. Things such as weapons, glass bottles, fireworks and any illegal stuff should not be brought to a music fest.


  1. Get along- Most of the time you would a part of the mad crowd listening to the live performances but when you are back in your RV, you are all alone. Get along with your temporary RV neighbours, you might find a music-loving friend for keep for a lifetime.


Keep in mind the above tips to make your music fest RVing a trip to remember.

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