5 Reasons Why You Should Get an RV Skirting

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If you think an RV skirting is just another appendage to your RV, you are terribly wrong. In the recent years, the popularity of RV skirting has risen among the RVers and buying it is a conscious effort, as is purchasing any other camping accessory. Thanks to the reasons, which are more than meets the eye.

       Here are the reasons why you should buy an RV Skirting.

  • Wind protection- With bigger tires an RV has a raised floor. You attach an awning to the patio side of the RV for that upcoming evening party. A blast of a wind through the gap between the ground and the raised floor would make you chase down the cups and napkins displaced by the wind. Here comes an RV skirt into the picture. You could save yourself with all that running around by installing an RV skirting around your RV. An RV skirting protects you from wind bouts.


  • Storage- Storage could be a big problem while you are camping. Storing everything inside the RV would dent the RV living experience. An RV skirting is a great way to create extra storage space. The space around your RV is a dead space until you enclose it with a skirting. The skirting provides protected space for anything you want to store right from your gears to camping equipment.


  • Insulation- Skirting your RV is a great way to keep your RV insulated. Camping in extreme seasons like winter or summers, when the temperatures are bipolar, skirting help in keeping the temperatures regulated. Skirting makes your RV more energy efficient, especially in winters when you could save money on heating up.


  • Tire Covers- As an additional benefit of enclosing your RV with skirting, the tires of your RV also get covered, saving the tires against the elements.


  • Meet the regulations- Many campgrounds in order to promote tidiness, are making it necessary to skirt the RV. These campgrounds are rolling out mandates of using an RV skirting while you are parked there.

RV skirting is one camping accessory which you can’t ignore. Now you can get customized RV skirting for your RV from us. Contact us at https://www.xtendoutdoors.com/contact/.

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