5 Tips To Give Your Caravan A Perfect Makeover

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 5 Tips To Give Your Caravan A Perfect Makeover

Your love for travelling and exploring might have instigated you to buy a caravan. But how often have you thought of revamping it? Well, your favourite travel companion will obviously need a face-lift and for that, you ought to have something planned. Below are few caravan renovation ideas that can inspire you and help you renovate and revamp your caravan. Have a look:

  •  Quirk it up

If you own a caravan that is humongous in size, then you can easily quirk it up by adding up some funky designs along with all the essentials that might include a television set, a double bed and modern equipment. Top all these accessories and essentials with LED lighting and here you have for yourself a complete peaceful hideout and travel companion.

  •   New is the new In

Is your caravan dark, dreary and tired? How about you replace everything, right from the floors to paints? Paint all the caravan to brighten up the space and place some essentials that can give the caravan rustic too, apart from enhancing the overall look and feel. Remember. Nothing gives your caravan a bright and fresh look apart from white paint. You can always opt for salvaged items so that you don’t spend much in revamping your caravan.

  • Simplicity is the Key

Do not mess up the whole renovation process by adding up numerous revamping tasks. Rather, opt for simpler and easier ones. For instance, go for peel and stick vinyl flooring rather than getting tradesmen to fix a whole new floor. This would not just save you a lot of money, but will also get you closer to your caravan.

  • Cleaning

You’d be surprised to realize the drastic change can a simple, yet thorough cleansing can bring to your caravan, inside and out. Once you have cleansed your caravan, not only will it appear all way more appealing to you, but it will also cut down unnecessary things from your caravan which include accumulated grime, old adhesive tape marks, unwanted self-adhesive hooks, broken towel rails and the like.

  • The Retro Charm

Why spend a fortune over buying a retro/vintage caravan when yours can give exactly that! Give your caravan a classic interior design. Include and implement retro features like a cute porthole window. Restore your caravan beautifully and pump it up with vintage goodies and items.

Revamping your caravan is the best way to pamper it. What’s your idea of doing this?


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