6-Step Simple Maintenance Process For RV Awnings

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Rv Awning Maintenance Process

The cost of maintenance of your camping trips is just your time. Right from the accessories to camping trailers, all you need is to shell out some time on a regular basis which would help in prolonging their lives.

An RV awning may seem like a not-to-look-after thing, but it requires attention. The life of an RV awning gets affected by mildew, moulds and many other things. Here is a simple yet effective maintenance process that would keep your RV awning intact.

  1. Brush it off- The first and foremost thing to do is to brush off the RV awning. Using a brush helps in clearing the loose dirt and dust which might have made a thick layer on the RV awning. If you directly throw water, there are higher chances of getting dust marks on the awnings.
  2. Water- After brushing off the awning well, the next step is to wash the awning with water. Lukewarm water is the best option, although you can use cold water too. Make sure the water is not hot beyond 100℉.
  3. Soap water- Make a cleaning solution by mixing water and soap and wash the RV awning with it. Soap water has the necessary chemicals to suspend the dirt and dust from the fabric. Do not use detergents, they are made of harder chemicals which might have an adverse effect on the awning fabric.
  4. Brush again- Once you are done cleaning with soapy water, you need to brush it again. Although this time, use a soft bristle brush.
  5. Rinse- Soap water leaves a soapy trail and it is important to rinse the awning thoroughly to get rid of the greasiness. Make sure no greasiness is left on the awning.
  6. Let it dry- Now is the time to let the awning dry. Hanging the awning to dry, may take a long time, you can blow using a dryer.


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