6 Tips to Endure a Long RV Road Trips

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The duration of an RV road trip could be as short as 2 days and as long as you plan it to be. Short RV trips do not have a drawback except that they are short, on the flip side there can be many downsides of a long RV road trip. Although a long RV road trip could be just as enjoyable as a short trip if you plan the RV road trip meticulously. Here are 6 tips that could help in having an enjoyable long RV road trip.

Long RV Road Trips


  1. Abundant food and water- Nothing could be more essential in life than a plentiful of food and water. Always bring along a good amount of food and water to a long RV road trip to ensure you are never out of these indispensable resources.


  1. Halt intermittently- Road trips could get tedious and exhaustive, especially when you plan to reach a destination that is far off. Such long road trips attract accidents or eventualities owing to the burnouts and fatigue. Always take breaks while driving your RV on a long road trip to revitalize and revive.


  1. Gas up regularly- Just like the abundance of food you need to ensure your RV keeps getting its fuel too. Driving in a city makes us habitual of driving our cars to the last drop, however, on a long road trip, it may be not a good idea. Gas up your RV on regular breaks to ensure seamless continuity.


  1. Keep up the leisure- Road trips are synonymous with amazing companies and a company could be great if you manage to keep it that way. Plan for entertainment such as road trip games, music, movies for the long road trip ahead.


  1. Have a buffer- A trip irrespective of the duration could not end on time especially when it is a long road trip. Plan for an extra day which could be accounted for a disruptive weather, breaking down of your RV or any other out of control situation.


  1. Safety- Make sure you keep safety kits for roadside as well as medical emergencies. Also, share your caravanning plans with a neighbour or a friend, ensure they have your contact details to contact you in case of an emergency. While on the road trip call them up a couple of times to share your whereabouts.


We hope these tips would help you plan your next long road trip. You could also make an RV trip checklist for the same.

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