7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Camping

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Any outdoor activity is considered a leisure activity. Outdoor activities are for leisure but there is one aspect that could not be ignored to consider outdoor activities and it is— health. One such outdoor activity that has health benefits is RVing. Probably underrated, there are health evident health benefits of RVing.


camping benefits

Here are some amazing health benefits of RVing that are almost equivalent to the benefits of pursuing a sport.


  1. Fresh Air- The world has already moved from agrarian economy to industrial one, and this has already depleted the natural resources such as air and water. Today, we do not get fresh air to breath in our cities, and a camping trip could give a ton of that. Researchers prove that fresh air improves blood pressure, immune system and digestion to some extent.


  1. Lessens Stress- It is proved that any physical activity helps in reducing the stress levels. Camping also involves a great degree of physical activity that helps in increasing oxygen and serotonin levels which lessens the stress.


  1. Enhancing Mood- Melatonin is another chemical that helps us psychologically. Its secretion is responsible to feel elated or depressed, in other words, it helps in enhancing our mood. Camping helps in secretion of Melatonin thus improving your mood levels.


  1. Workout- The very evident health benefit is a workout. Most of our jobs a sedentary and on top of that the hectic schedules do not give us time to work out. Camping activities help us in burning calories and thus making it a good workout.


  1. Sunshine- With cities becoming concrete jungles, we can’t get homes that are well-designed for the required air and sunlight. A camping trip gives you both; fresh air and Vitamin D from the sunlight.


  1. Healthier Brain- Studies from 2 major universities in the US show that new activities keep the brain healthy. A great way to get involved in activities is camping unless you have newer activities on every new trip.


  1. Socializing- Human beings are social animals, and this fact makes us different from all the other beings in the world. Also, there is scientific evidence that proves that socializing helps in increasing the lifespan. Camping trips are one of the best ways to socialize with friends and family.


So if you are only planning a camping trip for fun and it is happening once in a while, the aforementioned health benefits should give you a better reason to plan an RVing trip more frequently

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