7 Tips For Autumn Camping

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With September around, Autumn is not far away and its the time of year, loved by all (considering the consensus). Well, there may be science behind loving the season but surely there are emotions too at work. Since childhood, the season connects us with a fresh, new start (back to the school with all the new stuff).

Autumn Camping

Well, sorry to interrupt but, you gotta come back from the memory lane.

Autumn could be a great time for a lot of activities and surely one of them is camping. Here are 7 Autumn camping tips to plan an Autumn camping trip this year.


1. Drape it up- Autumns are surely not chillier as winters, yet the temperature goes down making it a bit colder. Layer yourself with thermal wears. Layering up would not only save you from cold but keep the heat from escaping.


2. Don’t watch the calories- Don’t be too conscious about the calories you take in during a camping trip in Autumn. The temperature is down and you need to keep the heat burning.


3. Sip something hot- Bring along an insulated flask filled with coffee or hot chocolate. Sipping hot beverages keeps you warm, especially when you are out in the open.


4. Keep warm- The best way to beat the chill is to stay warm by moving around. An Autumn camping trip should be marked with hiking, biking or playing catch.


5. Cook hot- Fall camping is a great time to cook hot. Eating a hot dog or a burger is a summery thing, cook a beef stew on a crock pot or a hearty camping meal.


6. Consider the early dusk- Camping in the fall should be done with one thing in mind, the days are shorter and the nights are longer in the season. This means the sunlight goes out earlier than regular. Plan for your evening activities accordingly.


7. Avoid uncalled for attention- If you are camping at a remote location, you should know little about the wildlife. Autumn and Winters are the best time for mating for some animals. Clear the trash especially the leftovers to avoid the attracting animals.

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