How to Avoid Damage to Your Caravan Awning in High Winds

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Avoid Damage to Your Caravan Awning

Caravan awnings are exposed to the risk of getting damaged by high winds. Just take a quick look at the highway on your next caravan road trip and you should be able to see bits and pieces lying on the road. It is not uncommon to experience high winds on a trip. You just need to know the precautions that can help you to avoid damage to our caravan awning.

If left unattended when the wind comes up, the awning material will likely rip away from the track that secures it to the side of your RV. Replacing the caravan awning is the most appropriate move that you can make, but it will burn a hole in your wallet. I am sure you wouldn’t want to shell out a lot of cash when you can easily avoid the problem with a few measures.

Caravan awnings are usually not covered by insurance because they are considered to be accessories. In case your caravan awning gets damaged, you might not get any financial relief. Insurance adjusters also know that RV awnings are rated for low wind load. If you chose to ignore that fact, they may not accept responsibility for the damage.

Use the following tips to protect your caravan awning from damages.

Reinforce Awnings with Clamps

When extended, manually operated caravan awnings can be reinforced with awning clamps. The clamps help to reduce the flapping or whipping action of the fabric and prevents the fabric from tearing away from the mounting rack. This does not provide a 100% guarantee of safety, but it does get the work done and minimizes risk to a good extent.

Use a Tie-Down Kit

The tie-down kit helps to secure the awning to the ground. Although this is good enough when used on its own, it works best when used in combination with awning clamps. With this, you get better stability for the caravan awning, and it will become more tolerant towards high speed wind.

Stow Your Caravan Awning For Travel

Secure the caravan awning carefully before hitting the road. You would not want it hanging loosely on the side of the caravan. Not only would this cause the awning to get damaged (during high speed wind), but also cause the caravan and the towing vehicle to wobble out of control. If you think that the awning is not properly secured in place, then you can go for clamps or bungee straps to secure it in place.

With a little precaution and proper planning, you will never have to worry about awning damage due to high-speed winds. Get the best caravan awnings to make sure that they deliver long term performance and have adequate durability as well.

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