Best Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy People

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It is the gifting time of the year and we are out with a huge budget to buy gifts for family and friends. Well, the most important factor to consider before buying a gift for someone is—what kind of person he or she is.

As such people can be classified into a myriad of categories but here we are going to talk about people who are adventurous and outdoorsy. It doesn’t matter if you are outdoorsy or not, there always are a few people in a family or social circle who love camping, hiking or any other adventurous sport. Here are some unique gifting ideas for such outdoorsy and adventurous people that could prove to be the best outdoor gifts for them.


Camping Gifts:

  • Flat Griddle- Nothing could be more useful than a flat griddle when it comes to campers. Easy to carry and operate, campers can broil a range of things like- pancakes, bacon, omelets etc. on a resource-thrifty camping trip.

  • Rubber Flooring- Campers have their RVs attached with screen and awning rooms that give then additional space and makes a temporary home away from home on a camping trip. Even when you are covered from all sides, you need a good flooring. A rubber flooring gives a good base to a screen room and also protects from temperature variations as rubber is a great insulator.

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  • Pocket Water Filter- Another amazing gift you could gift a camper (and we bet he/she would become your huge fan) is a pocket water filter. A pocket water filter is a small, light and portable filter which could be carried easily anywhere and practically water from practically any natural resource can be filtered. All you need to do is a little pumping.

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  • Portable Campfire log- Ask a camper what is his/her greatest hassle on a camping trip and you would get most of the answers about setting up a campfire. Yes, setting up a campfire needs wood logs, an axe, fuel, fire source and a lot of patience. A portable campfire log takes away all this. Attached with a rope handle, it is very easy to carry. There is a star-shaped engraved design which has a wick at the centre that is quick to fire up.

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You could go more specific with your gifts and can select stuff based on the gender you are gifting.

Here are a few outdoor and adventurous gifting things for him-

  • Camper Caps- Gifting him a cap for a baseball match, well, it is not the only thing to gift a cap. A camper needs a cap to save him from all the beaming sunlight through the day.

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  • Binoculars- Although binoculars are used by both the genders, they are typically relished by men. A camper prefers to carry a binocular on a camping trip especially planned on an open field, as it makes it easy for him to look around far-fetched things.

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For her-

  • Tote Bag- You know she likes to carry her world with her and when she is an on a camping trip away from the resourceful world, she would surely carry as much as possible.

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  • Waterproof Travel Makeup Bag- Did you just think what is a makeup bag doing here? Well, then you mustn’t have heard about glamping. Glamping is a glamorous camping trip and even if she is on a camping trip, the waterproof travel makeup bag would be of a great help.

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