Caravan accessories- Annexes, Awnings and Sunscreens

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Caravanning has been fascinating people since it started in the 19th century. The activity started growing at the turn of the century and saw unmatched craze in the following 20th century from across the world. This turned caravanning into a full-fledged industry.

In the 21st century caravanning and camping has become a recreational activity for people who seek travel pleasure as well as spending quality time with their friends and family. With such an advent of the industry today there are various form of vehicles available for caravanning like- motor homes, camper trailers, caravans and you get a lot of variety of add-ons to attach to your vehicles while caravanning like- annexes, awnings, sunscreens, privacy screens etc. At times these terms are not very clearly demarcated. They can be understood with a brief on each of them.


Caravan Annexes

As the name suggests annexes are the additional rooms which can be attached to the caravan. They are a compound of materials like fabric and vinyl. Annexes are mostly customized for the particular caravan. Annexes are not necessarily be attached to campers but can be freestanding too. The freestanding annexes can be placed anything where around the caravan and can be used as a kitchen or dining or sleeping space or anything you wish to.


Caravan Awnings

The literal meaning of an awning is a canvas sheet which is extended on a frame that serves as a rooftop. Although an awning is more than a rooftop. It can be hooked to the ground just like a tent providing not only a rooftop but also a private space. Awning for a caravan exactly is the same with the only difference being it is attached to the caravan and be rolled out whenever required. Awnings are available in assorted shapes and sizes and also the material varies. A variant of an awning is a canopy which is smaller than an awning that serves just as a roof top.


Caravan Sunscreens

Sunscreens are typically shades which primarily are used to block the sunlight. They are made of different fabrics and just like awnings they can be attached to the caravan. Smaller sunscreens can be installed on the windows too. Apart from their essential usage as a shade, sunscreens are also used for privacy.

The usage of all the 3- annexes, awnings and sunscreens may intersect at some point yet they are very different from each other.


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