Checklist of Interiors for a Quarterly RV Maintenance

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Maintaining your RV could be a daunting task, but this challenge could be made much easier if you have a systematic plan of doing it. Most of the RVers take up a maintenance regime unevenly probably after every camping trip or more than one trip.

RV Maintenance

But you can’t plan camping trips on a fixed regular schedule and so you do not have a fixed RV maintenance plan.

Though RV maintenance can be scheduled yearly, half-yearly, monthly and quarterly, the best time interval for a maintenance regime is every 3 months.

Here is a quarterly RV maintenance checklist that would tell you what all things you should check inside your RV.

Electrical System

One of the most important things in your RV is the electrical system. All the electric appliances such as TV, refrigerator, stove are connected to the electrical system. An electric system has an array of circuit breakers and fuses. Check each of individual breaker and fuse to ensure they are connected and working. If any of the fuses or circuit breakers are not working, it means you have an electrical issue in your RV.

Propane System

If your RV has a propane gas system, it would be having a propane leak detection system as well. A propane leak detection system has a detector which spots a gas leak and sets off the alarm. To check for a gas leak, you need to open the main propane valve in your RV. Make sure you close all the doors and windows of the RV, this would ensure the gas would not leave the RV. Wait for about two hours, if the alarm goes off you have a propane leak in your RV.


Unlike back at home, the appliances in your RV need more regular care as they undergo more wear and tear while bumping on a treacherous terrain or jolting on a gravel road. Check stoves and burners, microwave, the temperature of the refrigerator.

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