Diesel RV Vs. Gasoline RV

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There are various factors to consider before we buy an RV, like- the interior, the size, the built etc., yet one factor tops our list, that is- what type of engine to go for? Typically RVs come with 2 different types of engines; Gasoline and Diesel. Choosing an option could be indecisive but the fact is that picking one of them completely depends on your utility.

Gas vs Diesel


Now, before picking one of those engines, you need to consider the pros and cons of both of the engines, it would help you choose the RV which would be the best fit for you.


Diesel RV



  1. Hight travel frequency- Diesel engines typically are longer lasting and that is what makes them the best pick for the people who plan camping trips more often. So, if you are those who travel thrice or maybe more than that in a year go for a diesel RV.
  2. Fuel efficiency- Another typicality diesel engines hold is their better fuel efficiency as compared to their counterparts. That means you would not have to stop at gas stations for a refill as frequently as you do with a gasoline engine.
  3. Towing Power- Diesel engines are known for their torque which means they have a better towing capability. If you tow a full-house on each of your camping trips then a diesel engine is your pick.
  4. Higher Resale Value- As compared to gasoline engines, diesel engines last long if maintained well. This means you get a higher value on the resale of your diesel RV as compared to gasoline RVs.



  1. Expensive- The biggest disadvantage of owning a diesel engine is it is expensive. Typically diesel costs more and thus shooting up the running cost.
  2. Lower RPM- Although they have a higher torque, diesel engines have lower RPMs, that means the acceleration is slow and lower top speeds.


Gasoline RV



  1. Travelling less frequently- If you are not a frequent camper and your RV is parked for most of the times, except once or twice a year, a gasoline RV is the best choice.
  2. Affordable- Gasoline, as compared to diesel, is cheaper and thus the running cost of a gas RV would be quiet less than a diesel RV.
  3. Resistance- The one climatic advantage of a gasoline engine over a diesel engine is they are resistant to cold weather thus making them enduring.
  4. Higher RPM- As opposed to diesel engines, gas engines have higher RPMs (as high as 6000) and so they accelerate well and have typically higher top speed.



  1. Less Towing power- As compared to their diesel counterparts, the torque of gasoline engines is less and thus they have a weaker towing power.


We hope you stumbled upon the right information and it would help you buy the best engine option.

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