Do’s and Don’ts On a Camping Trip

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A camping trip is a great leisure activity and you always want to enjoy it to the fullest. Yet there are times when you miss certain things and you think, you could have enjoyed more with less hassle. Well, to make a camping trip great, there are somethings that should be done and somethings should be avoided. So, what are these things? Here are some RV camping do’s and don’ts.

Do's and Don'ts on camping


Food and water- The first thing that you should do while planning a camping trip is, sufficient food and water. As camping is an outdoor activity you need both these resources in apt quantities.


Pack light- Although, this completely depends on the kind of camping trip you are planning (unless it's a glamping trip), only take things which are essential on a camping trip. The extra stuff would make the camping trip burdensome.


First-Aid- Just after you pack sufficient amount of food and water, the next thing you have to do is, getting a first aid for the trip. You might not be in close vicinity of a doctor, and a first-aid would your primary help.


Cheap Stuff- Everything you list down to buy for a camping trip, should be of decent quality, especially things like tent, sleeping bags etc. Cheap things are generally inexpensive and not durable, they might not withstand the usage and give in.


Alcohol- Alcohol goes well with camping, but in case you are going to a state park, make sure they allow alcohol, as some state parks with good campgrounds, do not allow alcohol. Plus if you carry alcohol, stay put after consuming it, do not drink and drive.


Valuables- Carrying stuff like laptops, tablets or other electronic items should be avoided. A, you are not working and out to relax. B, they might get stolen or damaged.


Hope this helps you Have a great camping trip!

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