End of Summer Offer

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We crafted the best way for you to bid adieu to this summer and welcome the season of the mild sun and scarlet leaves- Autumn.

Buy a premium toy hauler room for your RV and win a printed shade wall absolutely free! Offer valid till 15th September.

Xtend Outdoors’ Toy Hauler Rooms

Xtend Outdoors’ premium toy hauler rooms are a great way to add some extra space to your toy haulers, meeting your camping space requirements with absolute ease. With the flexible walls, the room is easy to install as well as unwind. The premium toy hauler room is completely waterproof and the famous triple layer windows from Xtend Outdoors’ come as standard.

Printed Shade Walls

A shade is an amazing way to relax by your trailer on a camping trip. Now get a wide range of shade walls with prints such as the Star-Spangled Banner, mountain bike, dirt bikes, the US map and much more with an Xtend Outdoors’ toy hauler absolutely free.

The offer extends to the states of Colorado, Texas, California, Florida & Arizona.

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