Everything You Need To Know About Your Canvas Tent & Molds

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Even though undesirable and unpleasant, molds are one of the most common cause arousing vexation and disgust in us. You can find them on your damp bathroom wall or on the apple you mistakenly left on the table. Molds grow instantly, especially when it is humid and dark. It can stale your food and rot other things with a pungent smell and a black, blue, red or green presence. All you can do is, take precaution.

Canvas Tent & Molds

Understanding Mold

Mold is a kind of fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments. It grows by getting energy from decomposing organic matter by excreting enzymes to further decay the organic material and mushroom. Although abhorred, the mold is a natural recycling phenomena.


Mold is everywhere. There is probably nothing that has not got mold on it. Although, it grows in favorable environments which are marked by dampness and darkness. Mold can spread through air and water, as it spreads by releasing spores that tend to colonize on wherever they settle.

Mold and your canvas tent

Mold on your tent can destroy it if it is not checked. If mold gets in the fiber of the canvas of your tent it is quite impossible to remove it, although you can contain it from spreading. If a check is not kept on the mold-ridden tent for a long time, it might cause holes and tear the tent. Mold can affect your health if you are already allergic to it, although it is recommended to stay away from mold-infested places and things even if you are not allergic to it.

When to treat your canvas tent for Mold?

Canvas tents are supposed to be made of 100% cotton. Although a canvas tent may be a blend of other textiles the major part of it is cotton. More cotton mean more breathable the tent is. Canvas tents are chemically treated for water/UV resistance as well as for mold infestation. The heavier the chemical treatment the less the canvas would breathe. Although canvas tents are pre-treated, yet you need to treat it after using it for a considerable duration. A rule of thumb says a canvas tent should be cleaned and treated after a continuous use of 20 weeks. If your canvas tent is exposed for a long duration in a humid area the cleaning and treatment should occur midway, i.e. after 10 weeks.

How to prevent molds on your canvas tent?

The very first suggestion to prevent from getting your canvas tent mold-infested is letting it dry thoroughly. After a wet camping trip, open up your canvas tent and hang it in the sun. Other precautions you should take are:


  • Inspect your canvas tent for mold growth regularly.
  • Get rid of dead leaves, bugs, bird poop, etc. from your tent.
  • Trim the vegetation in the surrounding camping spot to keep away the tall grass and weed that might become a reason for mold-infestation on the tent.
  • Keep your tent well ventilated by using a window featuring canvas tents.

What is the alternative? Is it good enough?

There is an alternative available, and by far it has been playing an alternative for almost everything. Plastic, yes plastic tents are old enough now, and factors like low maintenance and cheaper prices have surged the use of plastic tents. Plastic is non-organic which means it is much less prone to molds in comparison with its counterpart- canvas. Although being cheaper and low on maintenance, plastic is non-breathable, that means it generates humidity inside. Plastic tents albeit are less susceptible to molds but can be affected by its counterpart- mildew which is another type of fungus.

Can mold be cleaned?

Yes, mold can be cleaned, but before it has made an irreversible damage. Molds appear in shades of black, blue, red or green colors. Once you have spotted mold you can spray a distilled white vinegar on the affected area and let it dry. Another way to get rid of mold is mix salt, lemon, and hot water and scrub the affected area with the mixture using a brush.

How to deep clean a mold-infested canvas tent?

Deep cleaning is the last measure you could resort to if everything has failed to clean a mold-ridden canvas tent. You need the following to deep clean your canvas tent:

Sodium Percarbonate like Oxyclean

A large container

Abundant water

A stir stick

Here is how to deep clean your canvas tent.

  1. Sweep all dirt with a broom from the tent.
  2. Fill the container less than half, about 30 cm with warm water.  Add several cups of sodium percarbonate.
  3. Stir it thoroughly.
  4. Dip the tent canvas in the container.
  5. Ensure the canvas is completely submerged in the mixture.
  6. Now stir and agitate thoroughly using the stir stick.
  7. Let the tent soak for a couple of hours. You can also let it soak overnight, it depends on how badly your canvas is affected by
  8. Drain out the water from the container.
  9. Rince the canvas a couple of times with fresh water to get rid of the soap.
  10. Spread the canvas out on a clean floor.
  11. Let the tent dry completely.


And there is your canvas tent good to go for the next use.

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