Four Tips For First-Time RV Campers

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Planning the first-ever RV camping trip? It is natural to be gung-ho about it and so it is, to be nervous. Well, nothing is wrong feeling both, but you could get rid of the jitters and keep the enthusiasm intact. Follow the basic tips to save yourself from the possible setting up your RV hitches on your first-ever RV campsite setup.

RV Campers

1. Cosplay in the backyard - Although the backyard couldn’t exactly replicate a campsite or an RV campground, it is still a good spot to practice pitching a camp. Setting up your RV is obviously not possible in the backyard, pitching a camp may help you a lot while at the campground.

2. Help - Remember, do not hesitate to ask for help. Everyone has his/her’s first time and this is yours. Many campgrounds have campground hosts who assist you in setting up camps. On campgrounds with no such assisting hookup, there would be camping neighbours. People would be happy to lend a hand.

3. Watch out..! - Campgrounds have trees, which make them scenic, although there is a flip side to the beauty. As a first-timer, you may not be cautious enough while setting up your travel trailer or backing up your RV. A rigid offshoot from a tree may scratch your RV or tear-off a rubber roof. Bring along a set of walkie-talkies for a smooth communication while moving.

4. Levelling & Stabilizing - Leveling and stabilizing your RV on a parking spot is as imperative as every other important thing on the camping trip. Levelling an RV means to make your RV flat on the ground, which means it should not be tilting on either side. Stabilizing an RV means, making sure it doesn’t move back and forth while the people walk around inside it. Switching your RV in any gear or if it is an automatic the parking gear would suffice, yet you can use stabilizing jacks to do the job.

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