What Makes Up Your RV Camping First Aid Kit

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RV Camping without a first aid kit could equally be bad as camping without an annexe or a camper. A first aid kit is a must-have for an outdoor activity like RV camping. You are away from home probably in a remote area where you won’t get a medical assistance as quickly as you get, back at home.

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A bigger question is, what all to be included in your RV camping first aid kit?


Well, here is a list of items that should make your RV camping first aid kit-


Wound dressing- Wounding on a camping trip is very common, an outdoor activity with some adventurous things could call for it anytime.


Here are the items required to attend a wound.


Surgical Tape

A surgical tape is one of the items required to dress a wound. It holds the gauze sponge or bandage at one place and removes easily.


Gauze Sponge

A gauze sponge is the first thing you put on a wound, it absorbs blood and other fluids that might ooze from the wound.



Tending to a wound, the first thing you need is cleaning it. A disinfectant cleans the wound of any microbiological life like bacteria or fungi thus making it dressing-ready.


Cotton Pads

A cotton pad is the best thing to clean a wound. As it is soft, it does not have any textural roughness that might irate a wound. Dipping a cotton pad in the disinfectant and applying it on the wound is the recommended way to clean it.





In general, scissors could be of great use on a camping trip. But in a first aid kit, a pair of scissors is indispensable.


Medical Gloves

You can’t be sure about the hygiene your hands would carry on a camping trip. It is always better to put on medical gloves for tending a wound or examining any other kind of injury.


Diaper pins

Diaper pins are the safest pins as they have a cap, in which the pin can be secured by pushing the pin into it. They can be used to fasten a surgical tape or an elastic bandage or any other medical accessory that needs fastening.



You might get a splinter in the eye or your eyes might simply be tired or irritated after a long days camping activities, all you need to relax your eyes is an eyewash.



Tweezers are used to pull out a splinter and they are the best thing to do it. You do not have to dig with a needle that might have a high chance of infecting the skin.



Although a syringe is less likely to be used on a camping trip, in case a wound seems to stand a chance of tetanus infection and you want to take precaution, you could use it for a tetanus shot. Don’t forget to carry the tetanus vaccine.



Fever is the most common medical condition with varying causes. A thermometer helps in taking a reading to understand and record the primary symptoms that would help in a later diagnosis.


Elastic Bandage

An elastic bandage is a stretchable bandage which creates localized pressure on sprains hence restricting swelling. Any first aid box is incomplete without an elastic bandage.


Arm Sling

An arm sling is the best thing to attend to an arm injury that needs limited movement. Hung from the neck, the hand rests on the folded base.



The basic pills that you should have in a camping first aid kit are laxatives, antacids, pain relievers like Tylenol, anti-diarrhea etc. Keep other pills which are prescribed to you for your medical conditions.


Note: You can add other items as well which you think are important for your specific needs and even those which you feel were missed.


Next time you hit the road for an RV camping trip, cross a checklist of the above-mentioned items for your RV camping first aid.




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