The Pros & Cons of Slide Rooms

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RVing has been around for a long time and has become a major outdoor activity. The volume of this activity evolved into a full-fledged industry; the camping industry. The camping industry has grown through years with new innovations and products. One such product is the slide rooms. Slide rooms first came into the market in the late 1990’s. A small unit was added to the RV in the beginning which soon transformed into sliding rooms.



What are sliding rooms?

Sliding rooms are an added coach to your RV which provide with extra space on sliding outward. This gives you the freedom to create space in your RV when required. Slide rooms are known by my popular names like- glide-outs, tip-outs, slide-outs, pop-outs etc.


In case you are considering to buy vehicular options for your camping needs, be it for the first time or else, the following are a few Pros and Cons of RV slide rooms which would help you take a decision.


Pros of RV slide rooms:


1. Extra Space- Without saying it goes, slide rooms are synonymous with creating extra space. A slide room on your RV can create extra space as and when required, the major reason being accommodating more people on the camping trip.


2. Easy Operation- Operating a slide room is as easy as the name—slide room. With a push of a button, the unit slides outward and inward. The motor does all the work and there is no manual intervention required.


Cons of RV slide rooms:


1. Maintenance- Maintenance is a major part of a big thing especially if it is automated and vehicular. You need to do general check-ups of the slide and motor intermittently to ensure they are working properly, this might take time and money. Another big cost is the insurance cost. Slide rooms attract more insurance cause of the added dangers that come with RV slides.


2.Size- There is not always sufficient room out there to use an RV slide room. You might squeeze in your RV anywhere, expanding the sliding room might be not easy. Slide rooms require extra space when they slide outward to create the space within. You need to be sure there is ample of space around the area where you are going to park your RV.


We are sure, this might have given you a great insight into both advantages and disadvantages of using an RV slide room. Choosing an RV slide room completely depends on the requirements of an individual. In our opinion RV slide rooms are great in case you are a stopover kind traveller; enjoying the camping trip with a lot of breaks with a substantial time period.





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