How to Repair a Caravan Awning by Yourself

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At times you may come across the need to repair your caravan awning. The issue may be related to any component in the awning itself and is usually related to the frame. While you can repair it yourself, you should be very careful as there is a risk of injury due to the tension spring. The removal of this tension spring is a dangerous process and can even be fatal if adequate precautions are not taken for it. Also check 5 easy steps to clean caravan awnings to maintain it properly.

Repair a Caravan Awning

Before starting any procedure, always refer to your instructions manual for noting down any specific section and all the required details. This would keep you out of harm’s way. Now you would be needing tools to get the job done.

The required tools are:

  • Rivet Fastener and Rivets
  • Power Drill and Drill Bits
  • Vice Grips
  • WD40

The procedure that is described below will work for any awning but before you make any repairs, you need to detach it from your caravan or motorhome and put it on the ground so that you can access the components easily.

The awning repair process is as follows:

  1. The locking mechanism for the awning is located on the right side of the structure so once you have detached the awning, make sure that this component is properly locked. You would have to work on the left side of the awning for executing any repair work.
  2. When you remove the tension from the spring, just make sure that you count the number of times you have turned the spring. This is very important and you need to note down the revolutions that it took to completely remove the tension from the spring.
  3. Once the tension is removed, you bore out the rivets and then remove the end cap.
  4. Once the spring is removed, you might have to lubricate the cylinder with some WD40.
  5. Now you need an MX54 component which is delivered as per the specifications of the cylinder in which the spring is encased. The Mx57 has grooves that fit in perfectly with that of the cylinder itself.
  6. Use a 2x2 lumber piece to push the Mx57 and don’t forget to mark it so that you remember where and how deep the mx57 was inserted.
  7. Now you need to reattach the end cap and then insert the rivets using the rivet fastener.
  8. With that done, we need to wind the spring back up. Now be very careful to make the exact number of revolutions to the spring in the opposite direction as was made while removing the tension from the spring. The spring develops high tension and if you lose your concentration for even a second, the spring could come at you with a great force and cold cause fatal injury.
  9. When you are done reviving the tension in the spring, you need to lock it in place with an appropriate component. Sometimes even a rivet would do.

And this brings us to the end of the repairing process. It is rather easy and you could do it in your own garage. But maintain extreme caution always. You could, however, use the mx57 prior to any issues with the awning as this component gives immense strength to the awning and it could prove to be an advantage when going on long caravan trips with your family and loved ones.

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