How to Replace a Dometic Awning

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Dometic Awning

Dometic awnings are high performance caravan awnings that have managed to gain popularity with users the world over. It offers superior comfort and ease of usage which better than most other awnings that are available in the market today. However, even Dometic awnings might need replacing if it has been subjected to a lot of wear and tear. It is not difficult to get the job done yourself as long as your know how to replace the Dometic awning.

Before you start, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and neighbors for help as the task at hand will require more than one person. While two people can pull off the job, working with 3 people offers the best results. Get a new Dometic awning and keep it ready so that it may be installed immediately after the old one is removed. Keep all the required tools handy and make sure that you have a treat planned for your friends who have come over to help you.

Once everything is prepared, follow these steps to replace the awning without a lot of hassle.

  • Remove the existing worn out awning by taking out the screws. Make sure that you do this carefully on both the sides so that the entire frame comes off easily.
  • Snap the bottom bracket off from the side of the coach. Again, this needs to be done for both the sides.
  • Now that the top brackets have been completely removed and the bottom of the supporting arms are snapped out of place, you can begin sliding the fabric out of the roller tube. If you were wondering how the extra help would be of use to you, then you would have realized that now is the best time to get them involved.
  • Remove the old mounting brackets from the caravan and install new ones for the Dometic awning that you will be installing.
  • Slide the two supporting arms into the fabric roller tube assembly.
  • Once this structure is ready, it is ready to be installed on the caravan. Remember, you only need to follow the removal procedure in reverse to install the new Dometic awning.
  • Start by sliding the poly cord into the awning rail located towards the top of the caravan.
  • Slide it gently across till it is fully placed in the awning rail.
  • Make sure that you line up the support arms with the newly installed brackets. This will allow the arms to be attacked in the brackets properly.
  • Place the arms on the brackets once they have been properly aligned.
  • Use a drill and / or a socket wrench to install the screws on the top of the mounting bracket.
  • Remove the travel pin from each side of the roller tube. The travel pin prevents the torsion springs from unwinding until the awning is ready for use.
  • All that remains is to check whether the awning can be fully extended and retracted without any problem.

There you have it – an easy and hassle free way to replace Dometic awnings on your caravan. It doesn’t take a lot of efforts. Just make sure you have the right stuff, sufficient help and some food and beverages to thank your friends for helping out.

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