Six Tips for RV Beginners

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RVing is an amazing outdoor activity that everyone enjoys. There can’t be any other activity that could match the fun of RVing, no not even hiking, RVing fans would agree to this, we are dead sure.

Well, it could get more amazing subsequently but what if you are a beginner, and setting out on your first ever RVing trip? Remember the first time you went for bungy jumping? There were butterflies in the stomach, you can’t deny. There is a first time for everything and the first time sets it all right for the future escapades. If the first time goes well, you that rush and confidence to pursue ahead.

For all the RVing beginners and the first-timers, here are the best RV travel and camping tips that would help you on the first ever trip.


1. First-aid- First things first and that is first-aid. In either case; if you are at a camping site or picked a spot aloof, you should always have a first-aid kit in your RV.


2. Pick ‘your’ spot- Especially on long weekends, the campgrounds are booked and so you should leave early to pick ‘your’ spot. You don’t want to waste all that money on some spot that is being given to you. If you are not in a campground, ensure you pick a spot which is not too far from civilization.


3. Accessories- Plan the activities you would be doing and then make a list of accessories you would be needing on the camping trip. You might need a nice rubber flooring on the patio side and a nice awning that would give a nice shade.


4. Barbeque- Carry along a small grill or a barbeque, no, not to grill your fun time in cooking but to enjoy cooking on a camping trip. Believe us, it is not your regular cooking experience, a barbeque would an altogether different experience.


5. Carry something to eat- You would go mad on an empty stomach and just a grill, cause cooking takes time. Carry something you could munch on, the stuff could be a great idea for a midnight snack.


6. Equipment- As a first timer you might not be knowing that activities like hiking and camping need a lot of equipment. You are far from home and you don’t want to feel resourceless. You need not carry everything but just the right equipment for a camping trip like- a swiss knife, map, flashlights, radio, sleeping bags etc.


We hope the first timers got a good idea for their first ever camping trip.

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