Splendid Summer Camping Deal!

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The best time to enjoy the year is here, it is summers! Summers have arrived which means it is time to draw out the checklists, the maps, the highlighters and chart a plan out. Hit a road trip or camp out in a national park, wasting summers is not an option.

Summer Sale

Buy these amazing products and get them installed for free in Colorado!

Toy Hauler Room


Rollout Awning Room


RV Skirting Tent


Trailer Awning Room


  Toy Hauler Room
Extend your toy haulers and make the most of them. Get heavy duty shade toy hauler rooms that would be the perfect extensions for the adventurous outback campings. If you are looking for a fully loaded option for toy hauler rooms the Premium Toy Hauler Room with 3 windows and one door is your pick.


Rollout Awning Room
Why just be content with awnings and canopies when you can get much more than that. A rollout awning room doesn’t not only gives you the shelter and protection from the elements overhead but secures you like a room. Enclosed with fiber walls along with mesh windows a rollout awning room protects you from water, wind and other elements from all sides.


 RV Skirting
An RV skirting is as useful in summers as in the winters. It saves the pipes from freezing and insulates the inside of the RV in winters and gives you a lot of extra room for storage in summers. Also the high quality, heavy duty vinyl does not allow any undesirable and unwanted drafts inside.


Tent Trailer Awning Room
Add a layer of privacy if you’re in an RV park or another public area with a heavy duty vinyl tent trailer awning room. It offers some basic weather protection, so you don’t get any direct sunlight or rainfall while you’re sitting outside; a good screen will withstand wind quite well too.


 Vinyl Replacement
Want to get your awning vinyl replaced? We would give you some of the awesome options. Xtend Outdoors offers colorful vinyl options made of heavy-duty, high-quality fabric at unbelievable prices. Compatible with all brands they are just the right fit for your awning. Mildew, molds or simply a heavy downpour, whatever damaged your vinyl, replace it with amazing vinyl options from Xtend Outdoors.

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