Tips to Plan a Camping Birthday Party

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You won’t probably plan a camping trip if your birthday is coming up. Maybe, simply cause coinciding your birthday with a camping trip doesn’t sound a good idea at all or maybe you are a timid soul. Well, what could be amazingly adventurous and unique is throwing a camping birthday party on your birthday. Yes, you read it right, it may sound strange at first but we are sure if you give it a thought, it will excite you to the core.

Camping Birthday Party


Here are the tips on how to plan a camping birthday party:

1. Choose and reserve a camping ground

For every party, deciding a venue is very important. Select a couple of camping grounds and pick one. One important factor before picking up that one spot is, to consider the distance to the camping ground. Ensure that the distance is travellable by most of your guests.

2. Decoration

So what if its a party on the camping ground, it is a birthday party and you have to decorate. The important thing you would have to consider is the wind. It is outdoor and you don’t want the wind to blow away your party decor.

3. Food

You plan to take along BBQ, fried chicken, salads and everything that is hassle free on your camping trip. Well, you have to do the same. Remember the spirit of the party is camping and you need to keep it that way. Although you won’t want to cook on your birthday but think how adventurous it would be if you cook on a campfire.

4. Extras

Things that you would never want to fall short of our ice, water, and disposables. Carry as much ice and water as possible and you should have plenty of disposables, at least they would give an impression of hospitality.

5. Games and activities

No matter wherever the birthday party is, it can’t go without games and fun activities. A treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt, cards, football, horseshoe are a few to name.

Now that you know everything about planning a camping birthday party, we hope you would plan your upcoming birthday on a camping trip.

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