All The Types of Awnings You Wanted to Know About

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind, hearing awning? That is what exactly we are going to tell you in this blog. There would be different answers from different people on being asked this question, as every individual has used some or the other type of awning.

We would tell you about all those awnings which would make an answer to this question. The following classification of awnings is based on the features and usage of different awnings.

Broadly awnings can be categorized as awnings for home and commercial awnings. Here are the awnings which are used for home use.

  1. Window Awnings- Window awnings could save you a lot of money. No not because they are cheap but they help in regulating the temperature of your home thus cutting down your cooling bills. Awning on windows regulates the temperature in summers by obstructing the heat through the window pane which has a greenhouse effect and eventually heats up your home.

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  1. Retractable Awnings- These awnings are not fixed like window awnings and can be retracted once not in use.

You could use that patio at your home as a great relaxing spot with a retractable patio awning. A retractable awning is long enough to shade the whole patio, helping in creating a sort of a small space where you can relax. The maintenance of the retractable awning is less as compared to fixed awnings as they can be retracted or withdrawn when they are not in use, hence saving them from any kinds of undesirable droppings or even stagnating rainwater which may create molds and mildew.

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Retractable awnings can be automated with a motor. Motorized awnings make them much easier to use as the retraction and expansion functions are done by a motor, instead manually.

  1. Vertical Awnings- A the name suggests, vertical awnings are similar to blinds, although they are dissimilar to blinds in many ways. They could be used over a window as well as in an open space (dropping down from the roller).

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         The other classification is commercial awnings.

  1. Commercial Awnings- Commercial awnings are designed for commercial purposes, hence they are designed for endurance, also commercial use requires larger and bigger areas to cover and commercial awnings come in all shapes and sizes. There are establishments like restaurants, clubs, hospitals etc. that use commercial awnings.

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